March 19, 2016

Construction Videos & Cutting Guide - Steam(punk) Locomotive

Hello everyone!
I have uploaded all of the construction videos to YouTube for both the Steam(punk) Locomotive and the Mini Album that fits inside.

There is also a Materials & Cutting Guide which includes the templates and Mini Album quotes up on Dropbox.  This is a PDF file which can be downloaded for free.

March 15, 2016

All Aboard!! The Steam(punk) Locomotive

I've had the idea of a locomotive project in the back of my mind for quite some time, and finally decided to actually do it.

I based the design for this project on several early steam locomotives. It's been interesting learning about them and how they work.  I've taken some artistic license, of course, and for all you train enthusiasts out there, please forgive me if I get my terminology a little confused.

The project is entirely made out of chipboard, both medium weight and light weight.

It has several sizes of wood dowels for structural support and design elements.  And of course, it has decorative paper.

Like many of my fellow paper crafters out there, I have a lovely stash of paper collections to choose from when I work on a project.  I decided on Graphic 45's Steampunk Debutante because it's one of my favorites and with a name containing "Steam" it's perfect for a steam locomotive, don't you think?  I think this is my fifth project with this paper collection!