May 21, 2016

Construction - Metro Gear Box

Hello everyone!
I just uploaded to YouTube a two part video series showing the construction of the Metro Gear Box.

This box can be made in whatever size you want and in the video I explain how to measure to make sure the box will be the right size to hold whatever you want to put inside.  The video also explains how to measure and make a lid that will fit properly on the box.

The main feature of the box is the moving gear assembly.  I used the new Tim Holtz Gadget Gear #2 die in my version.  These gears will interlock and turn properly.  There may be other gear dies that could work as well, but this is the one with which I am familiar.

May 18, 2016

Metro Gear Box and Mini Album

Hello everyone!

Today's project is a box and mini album that showcase Laura Denison's (Following the Paper Trail) first digital paper collection which she recently introduced, "Metropolitan Gallery".

The theme for this project is gears/steampunk. The gears on the top of the box all turn - the big gear turns the medium sized gear, and the medium sized gear turns the small gear.  I designed the box to hold one of Laura's mini albums - the "Split Paper Bag Album".

May 3, 2016

Enchanted Projects - Construction Videos

Hello everyone!
I have uploaded the construction videos to YouTube for both the Enchanted Castle and the Enchanted Mixed Media Album that fits inside the castle.

There are also Materials & Cutting Guides for both projects up on Dropbox, as well as the Castle Template files. These are all PDF files which can be downloaded for free.