October 11, 2013

Halloween Carnival - Stump an Owl and Boo Bash

Today is the third of four installments looking at the elements I have made for my version of Laura Carson's (artfullymusing.blogspot.com) Halloween Carnival.  For more details, tutorials and videos, and to make your own version of Laura's fantastic project, please go to her page dedicated to the carnival.

Let's start with Stump an Owl.  I haven't got all the elements that Laura has on her version yet.  There's a book that I want to add but I need to improvise something to put it on.  I think it definitely needs that additional element, and I think I will follow Laura's lead and add some foliage or other decorations to the top (there's a nice ledge there).

The figurine is Bat Boy Ben.

Aren't Laura's collage elements amazing in their details?  I love these owls.  In the closeup I think you can see their names.  Try saying them aloud - aren't they a hoot?  (Sorry for the pun - I just couldn't resist).

Now on to Boo Bash, featuring the Grumpy Pumpkin Trio.   It was the third element I built and was made from a papier mache pumpkin.  I just loved making this one - recreating all the little details - getting out pliers and cutters and all sorts of tools.   I experimented with the inside paint color until I got a shade of green that would really show off the details even inside the shadowy interior.

I added some fibers around the bottom as well as some black lacy ribbon that had been in my stash for awhile.

The character with this element is Robby Robot.

I can't get over all the fun little details - especially the lanterns hanging above the pumpkins.  Laura made these to really look like they are glowing.  At night I hide an LED tea light behind the pumpkins and it looks like the lanterns are really shining on the trio.

I added some black leaf trim to the sides of the pumpkin.

And to see how these elements look with all the other pieces I made for the Halloween Carnival, check out the Halloween Carnival project page.


JustMyThoughts said...

OMG! I love this! The lanterns are awesome. REALLY well done!

JustMyThoughts said...

Robby Robot - my fav!

Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska said...

I absolutely am amazed by the green background. The pumpkin coloring is super too, but the green background does it all - looks great, has a wonderful patterning, shows off the lanterns, contrasts with the pumpkins - your experimenting works perfectly on all levels.