December 11, 2013

Heaven and Nature Sing

A little break from paper crafting to finish up a Christmas quilt.  This is one of McKenna Ryan's patterns - "Heaven and Nature Sing".  The quilt is about 60 inches square.

I have made quite a few of her quilts over the years and love them all.They are done with a fusible applique method.  It's like a puzzle - you cut out a zillion pieces out of different colored batik fabrics that have a fusible web backing.  Then you put the pieces all together following each block's pattern.  After the top is all put together it is layered with batting and a backing.

The quilting goes around every single one of those zillion pieces, following all the branches in the trees, the dips in the snow and the spots on the fawns.

Here are closeups of each block...

First Santa with his sleigh full of toys pulled by all nine reindeer (don't forget Rudolph!).

This block is called "To All a Good Night"

To the left of Santa, some bears are building a "snow bear".  They are a little precariously perched as they complete their task.

This block is called "Making Friends"

On top of those two blocks is a long panel with lots of woodland creatures frolicking in the moonlight.

This block is called "By the Light of the Moon"

To the right is a tall block with some chubby cardinals and two stockings.
The village beneath Santa's sleigh continues into the bottom of this block.

This block is called "High Hopes"

In the bottom left is a deer family - mamma, papa and two fawns.

This block is called "First Noel"

And then there are the bears ice skating - the two cubs are having some challenges as their pops looks on.

This block is called "Ice Capades"

Finally, in the bottom right corner there is a little vignette with a moose and a bunny atop a stack of gifts.