June 1, 2014

Mother Goose Pop Up Box and Mini Book

I love pop-ups!  When I saw the Graphic 45 Mother Goose paper collection I knew I wanted to make a pop-up to feature all the different characters.  And when G45 introduced their new Book Boxes a plan came together.

The box allows plenty of room for the pop-up, which with all its tiers and elements is actually quite thick, along with extra space below to fit a little mini book.

I used the 8" x 8" and 6" x 6" paper pads along with assorted stickers and chipboard pieces from the Mother Goose paper collection.

The top of the box has a scene which is condensed from the feature paper in the collection since the box is only 5" x 7".  Two ribbons were used to attach a chipboard piece that has a magnet behind it to form the closure for the lid of the box.

When you open the lid, the pop-up scene appears. The scene has four tiers covered in patterned paper to look like meadows and hills.  Each tier has one or two nursery rhyme characters cut from several different papers from the collection.

The scene sits on a platform recessed into the base of the box about a half an inch.  This allows the box lid to close completely.

In the close up below you can see the tiers and how the patterned papers and characters were layered to create the scene.

I reinforced the characters by using a layer of matte medium on the front and back - a trick I learned from Anne of Annes PaperCreations (thanks Anne!).

The scene is 6 3/8" wide so I had to get a little creative with some of the paper cutting since many of the papers used were from the 6x6 pad.  I added a section to Humpty's brick wall and made a jump rope out of wire for the little girl in the back left.

On the right side of the box I cut an opening beneath the pop-up base and constructed a drawer to fit inside.  This drawer contains a little mini book.

This book is an accordion book with some extra flaps and pockets attached.  The G45 Book Box comes with three tags - I used two of them for the front and back covers.  I did have to cut them down a little bit since they were sized to fit in the box itself.

I covered the tags with patterned paper and then added chipboard and sticker elements to decorate.

The book has a ribbon closure which crosses in the back and then ties in the front.
The two pockets have pullout postcards - you can see one of them partially pulled out in the photo above.

I used black cardstock  or patterned paper to mat the images.
The Back includes images and pockets with tags similar to the front of the book.

There are two videos for this project - an overview of the completed project and a construction video.

Video of completed project:

Construction video:


Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska said...

Wowsers! What a beautiful box and book and what an incredible video - so very well presented and the lighting was excellent and the pacing was so fun. All of the popups and how they are made was great. You made it look so easy (I am sure it wasn't). My favorite bits after the popups are the little legs on the box which added so much to the effect of a fancy box and the puffy stuff at the top of the book. Another great project and blog.

JustMyThoughts said...

So much fun! Loved the two videos. Great idea to do an overview and then a more detailed look. AWESOME! Love the mnibook - sweet surprise!