October 27, 2014

Halloween Treat Jars

This weekend my niece and I finished up a quick Halloween project - these treat jars.

We got the idea and instructions from one of Joggles Mid-Week Muse videos.  If you are not familiar with Barb's videos and you are into mixed media I highly recommend you visit the Joggles site (which is a cool place to shop) and sign up for emails.

Now back to the jars...

We used some very inexpensive glass jars from Michaels - but the beauty of this project is you can do the technique on anything that you can paint.  In the video Barb used Tim Holtz Distress Paint but I didn't have enough for all these jars so we used Golden Fluid acrylics mixed with a little liquid Matte Medium to dull down the gloss.  We first prepared the bottles by coating them with Golden's GAC 200 so the paint would adhere better (something not necessary with the Distress Paint).

We added texture to most of the jars with some light molding paste.

On most of the jars we used silver Daler Rowney fluid acrylic ink to add some drips. That was easy since there is an eye dropper in the bottle.  And as Barb suggested,in her video, a little spritz of water encourages the drips.

Some jars also have silver glass glitter attached with Aleene's Super Thick Tacky glue.

Lots of the jars have various wood pieces painted and stacked and glued to the tops of the lids

Some Tim Holtz tissue tape decorates the rims of the jars.

We raided my stash of Halloween bits and bobs to add skeletons, hands and other assorted seasonal decorations.  These were attached with 5 minute Epoxy.

Most jars have a string of some kind wrapped around the neck with a tag hanging down.

...and these jars have a few treats inside to finish them off!

You can watch the Joggles video here

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Linda FS said...

These jars are so creepy cool. Everything looks so realistic. I love the blackness of the jars and all the skeletons especially the hands. But the most amazing is the liquid looking leaky silvery stuff and the ties and drips over the fantastic labels. (Of course I love the little owl just sitting there.) An excellent project.