July 24, 2015

Construction - Acorn Fairy House

Hello Everyone!

I have posted all the construction videos for the Acorn Fairy House on YouTube.  There is also a cutting guide and templates available as a free download on Dropbox.

(If you missed the post on the finished project, here is a link to the July 19, 2015 post)

I hope you will try making this project - it was a lot of fun to create.

If you have any questions, please send me an email at Craft Knife Chronicles

Introduction to Construction
Part 1 - Acorn House and Windows
Part 2 - Doors and Window Boxes
Part 3 - Acorn Top
Part 4 - Acorn Interior
Part 5 - Leaves
Part 6 - Mushroom Lamppost
Part 7 - Base Construction
Part 8a - Base Finishing 1
Part 8b - Base Finishing continued

Finished Project Video

Cutting Guide and Templates
Free Download on Dropbox

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