April 29, 2016

Enchanted Mixed Media Album

Hello everyone!

I've finished the mini album that hides in the Enchanted Castle (see the post dated 4/27/2016) – and here it is, the Enchanted Mixed Media Album.

I wanted to do something a little different with this book, so I decided to switch up the content and also use a binding technique I hadn't used for a while.  So I added lots of pages and inserts with watercolor paper and used the super flexible binding method called sewing on tapes.  The book features the same paper as the Enchanted Castle – Graphic 45's "Enchanted Forest".
The album's covers measure 6" x 7 1/8" and it is 1 1/2" wide.  The handle adds almost another inch to the length of the book.

Let's start by looking at the front cover.
I used the signature paper from the G45 "Enchanted Forest" 8x8 pad to create the cover.  Since the cover is smaller than the paper pad, I did some judicious fussy cutting to size the image to fit the cover.  (If you want to see how I did that, watch the third part of the construction video series when it comes out next week).

On the spine I added a drawer pull from the hardware store.

The only thing that is special about using this type of hardware is to get short enough machine screws to attach it with.

Any hardware store that has a fastener department with zillions of boxes with individual fasteners usually carries the right size.

The book cover has an end piece and a magnetized flap so it forms a kind of case around the book.

The inside covers have large pockets that open at the spine.  The book block has flaps on each end that slip into these pockets.

The book consists of four double-sided cardstock pages and six folded watercolor pages.

  One side of each cardstock page has a flap with a G45 4x6 Journaling Card.

When the flap is opened, in the middle there is a smaller 3x4 Journaling Card, and on either side there is a piece of watercolor paper.  The watercolor papers can be slipped out of the circular tabs to make it easy to work on them.

The other side of the cardstock page has a pocket.

In the pocket are more of the Journaling Cards which I backed with black cardstock.

The Journaling Cards could be used as photo mounts, but I used some scrap watercolor paper to turn them into more opportunities for mixed media.

I used one 22x30 sheet of watercolor paper to make six folded watercolor pages for the book.

There are three folded pages on either side of two cardstock pages in the center.

I wanted the interior to be removable from the covers to make it easier to work on the mixed media pages and to keep the cover from being damaged if the creative process got a little messy.

The book block has flaps on either end that fit into the cover pockets.

The book is bound using  a method called sewing on tapes.  Sewing on tapes may look like it could be complicated but it is very straightforward.  There is only one needle involved and the stitching is simple in and out of a series of holes and around the tapes.

Only one special stitch – the kettle stitch – is required at the end of each page and it is very simple to learn.

Many times a special sewing frame is used for this binding technique, but in the construction videos you'll see how I made a serviceable frame out of a shoe box and a piece of dowel.

I think it will be lots of fun filling up the pages and inserts in this book with art – a little something different than the usual mini album.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this project.  If you would like to take a video tour, please see the YouTube link at the bottom of the post.

If you would like to make a similar mixed media album, a Materials & Cutting Guide and construction videos will be posted in a week or so.

Thanks for visiting!

YouTube Video of completed project:


smokeysmom said...

Do you have a video on how to make this album? I love how it spreads out and would like to make this album, but need construction tutorial(s). Love all of your creative masterpieces!

April CraftKnifeChronicles said...

Thank you! I'm in the process of editing the construction videos now. They should be posted next week along with a Materials & Cutting Guide,

Linda FS said...

What an absolutely cool binding - I had never seen such a thing. All the tapes and the way it comes apart and goes back together. I so enjoy seeing all the different types of mini albums that you make. It just adds something so unique and special to your creations! (Cool handle too - so practical.)