June 30, 2016

Anglerfish & Mini Album - Construction Videos

Hello everyone!
I have uploaded the construction videos to YouTube for both the Anglerfish and the Mini Album that fits inside the fish.

There is also a Materials & Cutting Guide for both projects up on Dropbox, as well as Template files for the Anglerfish. These are all PDF files which can be downloaded for free.

Files available for free download on Dropbox:

  - Anglerfish and Mini - Material & Cutting Guide
  - Anglerfish and Mini - Templates

Anglerfish Construction Videos on YouTube:
  - Entire Playlist 
  - Part 1:     Intro and Interior Box
  - Part 2:     Lower Jaw
  - Part 3:     Upper Jaw & Top of Head
  - Part 4:     Finishing the Head
  - Part 5:     Attaching the Head
  - Part 6:     Body (1 of 2)
  - Part 7:     Body (2 of 2)
  - Part 8:     Portholes
  - Part 9:     Periscope
  - Part 10:   Fins
  - Part 11:    Tail (1 of 2)
  - Part 12:    Tail (2 of 2)
  - Part 13:    Finishing

Anglerfish Mini Album Construction Videos:
  - Entire Playlist
  - Part 1: Construction
  - Part 2: Decorative Paper

I hope you will enjoy making one or both of these projects, or just seeing how the projects come together.
Thanks for visiting.


Lucy said...

I haven't looked at the video yet, but the project is amazing. You would be a great addition to the Graphic 45 design team.

Leslie G said...

This is an amazing project (as all of your projects are). I'm going to make the steam locomotive first and then this project. Thank you so much for sharing.

Trish Molnar said...

Your projects are all so amazing!! I can't wait to make this stunning creation!! Love the steampunk elements!! Just stunning!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!