March 31, 2017

Treetop Fairy Village Construction Videos

Hello everyone!

I have uploaded the construction videos for the Treetop Fairy Village and Mini Album to YouTube.

There is also a Materials & Cutting Guide, as well as Templates for the Village, and a Materials & Cutting Guide specifically for the mini album up on Dropbox.  These are all PDF files which can be downloaded for free.

Files available for free download on Dropbox:

- Treetop Fairy Village Materials & Cutting Guide
- Treetop Fairy Village Templates
- Treetop Fairy Village Mini Album Materials & Cutting Guide

Treetop Fairy Village Construction Videos on YouTube:

- Entire Playlist

- Introduction to Construction
- Part 1   : Base Assembly
- Part 2   : Columns & Curved Walls
- Part 3   : Flat Walls
- Part 4a : Ground Assembly 1 of 2
- Part 4b : Ground Assembly 2 of 2
- Part 5   : Ground Finishing
- Part 6   : Tree Platforms
- Part 7   : Tree Assembly
- Part 8   : Tree Finishing
- Part 9   : House Bases
- Part 10  : House Roofs
- Part 11  : Ladders, Bridge & Steps
- Part 12  : Platform Finishing
- Part 13a: Finishing 1 of 2
- Part 13b: Finishing 2 of 2

- Mini Album

I hope you will enjoy making this project, or just seeing how the project came together.
Thanks for visiting.


Judi Markel said...

Thank you April for the instructions and videos to watch. I hope to try this soon as I really love this project. Thank you again.

Judi Markel

Daphne said...

I just stumbled onto your site a few days ago. Not sure which project I'm going to tackle but I do love, love the steam locomotive. Thank you so very much for sharing all your knowledge, techniques and your obvious love to create these intricate designs!

Kathy said...

How have I missed your site for all these years!! Your creations are incredible. I think it is going to take me weeks just to see everything that you have made. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work! Your projects boggle my mind, but I can't wait to try one!