November 17, 2017

North Pole - All Wrapped Up

Hello Everyone!

I had so much fun making the Inside Out Halloween House that I had to design another wrap-around project for Christmas.

I'm calling this one the North Pole - All Wrapped Up.

This village has eight separate buildings, including the North Pole in the center.
This project is entirely made of chipboard and decorative paper.  It is about 12" tall at the top of the North Pole and about 10 x 12 at the base when it is closed up.
All of the paper is Tim Holtz 2017 Christmas paper with the exception of the North Pole.  I used a sheet of Kaisercraft candy-striped paper for it.

On this side, the main building in view is the Sugar Plum Sweet Shop.  To the right of it is the side of Santa's residence, and on the left is the "Deck the Halls" ornament shop - it has a hanging sign that sticks out on the side.  In front of the ornament shop is the village's tree.

Here's a close-up.

The tree is one of Tim Holtz bottle brush trees.  It sits on a little patio coming out from the Sweet Shop.

In real life it has lots of sparkle from Stickles glitter, but it was hard to catch that in this light.

As we turn to the opposite side of the village, three more buildings come into view - the Elf Headquarters, the Christmas Cafe, and the Reindeer Barn.

Here are close-ups of each of those buildings.

The Elf Headquarters.

The Elf Headquarters consists of two parts, the front annex with the double doors, and then the large, taller section in the back.

To give you a sense of scale, the taller section is 4" wide by about 9" tall at the top of the roof.

This building has the only hip roof in the village,

Nestled in between the Elf Headquarters and the Reindeer Barn is the Christmas Cafe.

This narrow building is 2" square, and like the Sugar Plum Sweet Shop, it has a pyramid shaped roof.

Next we have the Reindeer Barn.

It has a little yard attached to it that comes out on two sides.

There are two reindeer in the yard.  They are Tim Holtz little reindeer that I colored with Espresso Alcohol Ink.

On the side of the Reindeer Barn there is a little sign to keep track of the comings and goings of the reindeer.

Next to the barn, we have the Toy Factory.

This building also has a hanging sign.

I made all of the signs with clip art and Word Art.

I also created the windows using simple graphics in Microsoft Word.

The last building in the village is Santa's Residence.

This is another two-part building, with a small section in the front connected to a larger section behind it.

Here's a bird's eye view of the entire project.

All of the buildings are hinged together with Tyvek.  The Sweet Shop is at one end and Santa's residence is at the other end.  When it is all opened up, or "unwrapped", it is a littler over two feet long.

Here's the outside of all the buildings in a row...

... and then here's the inside.

Inside, as you can see, are a whole lot of little niches.

Many of the niches have snowflakes I cut using Tim Holtz snowflakes dies.  They each have four layers alternating light blue and white glitter cardstock.

They have a hanging loop so they can be suspended from the top of the niche.

Other niches have letters from Tim Holtz' Christmas Typography.

And the last little niche has one of the small bottle brush trees.

So that's the North Pole All Wrapped Up project.  I made a video tour and I'll post the link below.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this year's Christmas project – it was a lot of fun to design and make.  If you are interested in making it yourself, stay tuned – the construction videos, material & cutting guide, and templates will soon be available.

Thanks for visiting... and Happy Holidays!!


flirtini83 said...

So interesting. Definitely will watch the construction videos and take notes. Thanks for sharing.

Tina L said...

This is FAB-U-LOUS. Just outstanding. I make mini albums and create boxes for them to be stored in to sit on the shelf and be a piece of art to appreciate as well as to protect the albums. I know the kind of time and attention to detail that went into this and it's absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be watching for the videos - I'll be the one over here in the corner waiting with my note pad and pencil :D Merry Christmas!!

Susan said...

Beautifully done!

Cornélia said...

Amazing work!!! And probably one of the best tutorial I have ever seen! Thank you very much for sharing your talent. Merry Christmas 🎄