April 2, 2018

Watering Can & Tunnel Book Construction Videos

Hello Everyone!

If you are interested in making either the Upcycled Watering Can or the Fairie Dust Tunnel Book, the construction videos are now available.

There is a pdf Materials and Construction Guide available to download for free from Dropbox.com.  It includes information for both the watering can and the tunnel book.  You must have this document to construct either of the projects.  Here is the link:

• Upcycled Watering Can & Tunnel Book- Materials and Cutting Guide.pdf

The video series begins with an introduction which applies to both projects.  Even if you are only making the tunnel book, you should watch Part 1.

•  Part 1 - Introduction

Watering Can
Parts 2-10 cover the Watering Can construction:

•  Part 2 - Watering Can Body
•  Part 3 - Spout
•  Part 4 - Handle
•  Part 5 - Windows
•  Part 6 - Front Door & Window Installation
•  Part 7 - Sprinkler Head
•  Part 8 - Interior Box & Lid
•  Part 9 - Landscaping Embellishments
•  Part 10 - Base

Tunnel Book
Parts A-B cover the Tunnel Book construction:

•  Part A - Prep & Back Section
•  Part B - Front Sections & Finishing

I hope you will enjoy making this project, or just seeing how the watering can and tunnel book came together.
Thanks for visiting.


Jean Vaughan said...

You. Are. Remarkable.

Jean Vaughan said...

You are remarkable! Wow!

Renee T said...

Love your work!