November 16, 2013

Autumn Fairy House

I love autumn and all the fall colors.  When I saw Bo Bunny's Autumn Song paper I just knew I had to have it - the colors are so vibrant.

And then Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail decided to showcase her Autumn Fairy house pattern with this paper collection.   When Laura previewed the house on her blog ( I was just blown away, and couldn't wait to make it.

The house itself is fun with its curlicue dormers and rolled shingles.  But the stump and the tree that it is built into - what a fantastic idea!  I do so love her designs.

I added a couple of my own touches - the wraparound curved balcony with the twig railing and a couple of extra staircases.

So let's look at some closeups...

Here is the right side of the house. You can see how the stump grows up into the tree and how the fairy house fits right up against the tree.

The stump and tree were made with brown lunch sack papier mache - Laura has an excellent video on this technique.  All of the bark details on the tree were made with Light Molding Paste and a "Funny Brush" - yes, that is the actual name of the brush.  It has rubber bristles and is excellent for creating texture.   You can see one of the stairs I added - just paper leaves attached to a twig that fit nicely along the side of the tree.  And do you see the little owl sitting inside a knot hole?

Here's a closeup of the stump under the porch.

Here is a bird's-eye view of the front door and front porch area.

I wanted to bring more texture and "tree" up around the house, so I increased the size of the balcony and have it wrapping around three sides of the house.   I had a sack of twigs and I decided to use them to make the fence around the balcony.
The slate walkway and the grass were formed using the Light Molding Paste and the "Funny Brush".

Here's the left side of the house.  Because of the reflection, you can's see that the windows actually look like stained glass.  The house lights up with space for several LED tea lights in the main room and up in the tower.

You can also see the pine cone hanging as a decoration over the front of the house.

There's a dark area on the side of the house under the right window - that's a little back door.

Now we're looking at the back.

You can see how the tree continues up and the tower of the house is part of the tree.

I added the third staircase on the end of the porch.  That's the "emergency exit" for the back door of the house.  It's two twigs with paper covered chipboard steps.

You can see two horizontal lines in the tree trunk.  In the next photo you will see what that is all about.

Yes - a mini album fits inside of the tree!

When the album is removed it also provides access to insert the LED tea lights for the tower and the main house.

And now for the mini...

Here's the cover.  You can see one of the red berries from the outside of the spine sticking up at the top.

I used lots of the Autumn Song stickers and some die cuts to decorate the mini.

There are six pages to the album.

You can see the edges of the cardstock pages in this photo.  They graduate in all the fall colors.

Each page has a pocket on the front with a tag insert.

When the page is flipped up, there is an envelope on the back.  I decorated the envelope with some of the die cuts and a punched maple leaf (EK Success).

Inside of each envelope is a tag with a quote or poem about autumn.

The envelope flips out to the right to reveal another pocket with another tag with a poem.

(Not pictured) The envelope actually flips one more time to the left to reveal two more sides with die cuts and leaves.

I made a couple of videos...
...a 360 tour

... and the mini album


Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska said...

There is no part of this project that is not a joy to look at and to wonder at your creativity. The stump is absolutely magnificent. It is incredible. The stairs, the door, the hanging pine cone lamp,the little owl, the eves, the chimney even the little red berries. And oh the great ladder and fence. The colors are fantastic - I agree autumn has such beautiful colors and you captured in the house especially, but also in the book. Thank-you for sharing.

JustMyThoughts said...

WOW! This is really spectacular. I just love the owl. And the tree trunk - so realistic I'm certain I will get a splinter if I was to put my hands on it. :-)

Lori C. said...

Absolutely amazing! I just love all of your extra touches!

Nancy Wethington said...

This is seriously amazing! WOW! Love this project. Your work is beautifully detailed and designed.

scorpiogrrrl said...

you did such a beautiful job on this project! and your additions are absolutely charming! i love it! you gave me some great ideas to play with when i do mine.

Merrylioness said...

Thank you so much for sharing your project. It is Absolutely Fabulous. Love the spiral staircase. Just beautiful.

Leah Pruitt said...

I love this so much! how much time did you spend on it? It's truly! Thank you so much for sharing! Do you sell them?

Unknown said...

Thanks Leah! I'm sorry I don't know how long it took to make - it was a lot of fun. I usually either give my projects as gifts or just keep them for myself.

Unknown said...

How do u get the fairy village project?

Unknown said...

Beverly- The Autumn Fairy House is a Laura Denison project. The pattern is available here: