November 3, 2013

Fairy House Tunnel Book

I decided that I would make something to go on the inside of the green Summer Fairy House (you remember the Fairy Houses - the post about them is here).

It had been awhile since I made a tunnel book, and with all the cute fairies on the Prima Fairy Rhymes paper it seemed like just the thing.

I kept the size to 6" x 6" since that was the size of the paper pads and that would make it much simpler to make each panel.  I used Prima Fairy Whispers and Nature's Garden papers.

The book has five panels plus the back.

In this closeup of the left side you can see the fairies on the second and fourth panels.

The short grass is attached to the back of the first panel and the tall, darker grass is attached to the second panel.

This is a closeup of the right side.  There are three more fairies on this side (the fairy on the left was also seen in the left closeup).   The fairy with the red flower hat is on the first panel.  The fairy with the purple bow on her dress is on the third panel.

Unfortunately the photo doesn't show the entire body of the one in the far back on the fifth panel.

The book has a gate-fold cover with a chipboard image as the closure.

The left side of the image is attached to the left cover and then the right side of the image has a couple of magnets  which attach it to the right cover.

Green corrugated paper was used to attach the front covers to the back.

A tunnel book has accordion style binding on the left and right sides.  The panels are attached to each "zig" in the zigzag of the accordion.

Here you can see the accordion arrangement.  When opened, the covers provide extra support for the tunnel book.

Here's a video of the completed project, and if you would like to see videos of the construction and photos of the individual panels, please go to the Project page (direct link here).

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Anonymous said...

Lovely tunnel book, it makes me want to try it. Greetings from France