March 18, 2015

French Country Mini Album

Hello everyone.
Remember that drawer that was in the base of the French Country Portal (March 14 post)?  Well today I finished a mini-album to fit inside.

The mini stands almost 9" tall and 4" wide - just the right size for the drawer.  It coordinates with the Portal by using the same Graphic 45 French Country paper collection.  It can hold at least fourteen of the small 2x3 size photos.

I call it an "unfolding tag" album.  It has 6 tags, two of which are chipboard (the front and back covers) and the remainder are Graphic 45 Large Black Tags.  The tags are all hinged together with different sized hinges to allow lots of room for pockets and photo mats and lots of goodies.

In this photo you can see the front cover and the chipboard charms that hang from the eyelet.  You also see the main spine on the left which is about 1" thick.

When you first open the mini-album, you see these two tags.  These elements are all purely decorative - no pockets or photo mats yet.  These images come from both the 12x12 and 8x8 French Country paper pads.  Between the Portal and this "Mini" the paper is almost gone.

These tags are hinged to the covers on the outside edges so when we flip them open we see four new tags,

The two tags in the center are actually the inside of the front and back covers.  Those tags each have pockets made from cardstock and feature one of the cut-aparts from the 8x8 pad.  I think you can see a couple of photo mats peaking out of each of those pockets.  A couple of chipboard elements decorate the top of those tags.

On the outside edges are tags with a different style of pocket (the tags with the striped paper).  These pockets are glued onto the background on one vertical edge and the bottom.  This "L" gluing allows tags and a photo mat to be inserted.  The small inserts are from the Pockets & Tags that accompany the paper collection.  The blue striped tags also are hinged...

... so we can open them to see the mini-album all stretched out.  The final tags have photo mats that slide out.  The little black sticker circles are only attached to the background to allow the sliding action. Another photo is hiding behind as well.

Here is a view with the album partially unfolded - I think you can see how everything will fold/unfold.

Since I had added an eyelet when I made the chipboard back cover, I thought I would add a couple of charms there as well.

All I did to these chipboard elements was back them with some scraps of pattern paper and then add the ribbon to run through the eyelet.

I'm also trying something new with this project that I've been wanting to do for a while - a Snapguide. It seems kind of long compared to other guides that are out there, but I wanted to make sure I explained all the steps, particularly with hinging all the tags together and finishing those hinges. It was fun to make the Snapguide, so I'll be keeping that option in mind for future projects.

Check out How to Make a French Country Mini Album by April CraftKnifeChronicles on Snapguide.

Also, there is a YouTube video of the completed project:

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Linda FS said...

Oh my, I was waiting for what would go in the secret drawer of the French Country Portal. Such rich earthy colors, designs and images that leave you waiting for the dusky French wine to be served. The individual cards -like always- each have both a uniqueness and cohesiveness, But my favorite bit is the mini-album front cover with the wonderful chocolate brown paper accented by the bright rooster and shiny hanging tags and especially the plaque that is indeed "Joie de vivre". Thank you for sharing.