March 4, 2015

Secret Garden Slipcase Construction

Would you like to build your own Secret Garden Slipcase (see March 1st's post), or just see how it was constructed?

Well, for this project I made a series of videos as I built the project. These videos show the construction of all the parts and pieces of the tree and how the background was designed.

I also kept track of all the materials I used and the measurements for all the specific pieces used to make each part of the project.  This is all included in the pdf file named "Secret Garden Slipcase" which also includes templates for all the tree parts.

I hope you will be encouraged to make this project - it is a lot of fun to create and is a unique way to store and display the Secret Garden Star Book.  If you have any questions, please post a comment or send me an email at  Happy Crafting!

  1 - Construction Introduction & Matchbox Prep
  2 - Tree Trunk
  3 - Front and Back Tree Roots
  4 - Branches
  5 - Side Roots
  6a - Leaves Part 1 
  6b - Leaves Part 2
  6c - Leaves Part 3
  7 - Background Scenes and Attaching the Tree
  8 - Adding Bark to the Tree
  9 - Adding Decorative Paper to the Leaves
10 - Finishing

Materials List and Templates
Downloadable file "Secret Garden Slipcase" available on


Linda FS said...

All of the parts of this slipcase are so beautiful. Just the idea of a tree for the slipcase is so cool -the secret garden is hidden in the tree. i so enjoyed watching you construct the knothole wherre you push the book out. Also the 3d leaves are fantastic and the different green patterns add so much light. But my favorite part has to be the tree trunk, especially the roots and the branches with all their different patterns that connect it altogether AND add stability to the whole case. Functional and the blending of the different parts at the end is sooo clever. Great project!

Joyce said...

I just discovered your videos and blog. Your work is exquisite. You have the gifts of both creativity and precision work; that's rare. I especially like your tunnel books and the beautiful star book. You've done a great job on your videos, both in explaining clearly and in your video editing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your talent.