March 19, 2015

French Country Portal Construction Videos

Hello all!  I've uploaded all the construction videos to YouTube and the PDF Construction Guide to Dropbox.  So if you would you like to build a French Country Portal of your own or just see how it was constructed check out the videos listed below.

These videos show the construction of all the parts of the portal and the base.  Instructions for the Mini-Album that fits in the drawer are not part of this video collection, but there is a Step-by-Step guide on Snapguide and I will include a link to that as well.

I  kept track of all the materials I used and the measurements for all the specific pieces used to make each part of the project.  All this is included in the PDF file named "French Country Portal Construction Guide", and I'll include the link to that file over on Dropbox (Public access - no fee).

I hope you will be encouraged to make this project - it is a lot of fun to create.  If you have any questions, please post a comment or send me an email at  Happy Crafting!

1 - Getting Started
2 - The Scene
3 - The Boxes
4a - The Base (Part 1)
4b - The Base (Part 2)
5 - Finishing
6 - Final Assembly

Materials List and Cutting Guide
Downloadable file "French Country Portal Construction Guide" available on

Instructions for The Mini-Album
Step-By-Step Guide available on

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