October 30, 2015

Ghoul & Sons Chemists - A Project from the Artfully Musing 2015 Halloween Event

Hello everyone!

I'm back with the last building in my  version of Laura Carson's Haunted Village - the Artfully Musing 2015 Halloween Event.  The badge for the event is over in the right side column, but here's a direct link to the first posting for the event which includes this building.

This building is Ghoul & Sons Chemists.

Here is the front of the Chemist shop.

This building used one of the chipboard house shapes and then a double window shape for the dormer.

There are rusted fences on either side and a tree with some visiting crows.

Several signs advertise what is available to purchase in the shop...

This one on the left says "We Carry - Arsenic and Snake Venom".

You can also see all the potions and poisons available in the window as well.

On the right is the main entrance to the building.

A sandwich sign provides additional advertising - this one comes from Graphic 45's Rare Oddities paper collection, as do the bottles you can see through the windows on the front door.

All of the other images come from digital images which Laura made specifically for this project.

This is one of my favorite parts of this shop - the skull with the glowing red eyes.

Laura explained how to use a tiny red LED light kit available from alphastamps.com to light up the eyes.

The switch and battery are accessible from the back side and are hidden behind a clock which we will see in the next photo.

Now onto the inside...

Here we can see Mr Ghoul presiding over his wares - or maybe he's just taking a break from mixing up another potion on his coffin workbench.

On the top you can see the clock I mentioned before - it comes off to access the skull eye electrics.

The cabinet is made from chipboard and is about 1 1/2" deep on the bottom and the shelves are a little over 1" deep.  It stands 6" tall and is a little over 3" wide.

The bottom shelf is a digital image of cubbies in a secretary desk.

The middle shelf has digital bottles on the left and a couple of tiny real bottles on the right.

The top shelf has a couple of actual bottles on the left and digital images on the right.

On the top of the cabinet are some more bottles, a crow, and a digital image of a bust of one of the Ghoul's ancestors.

To the right of the cabinet is the Ghoul's workbench - a stone coffin (actually chipboard of course).

In front of the bench is a bucket with a brain - one of the ingredients for the next potion I guess. The brain is an eraser painted to look more "lifelike"; alcohol inks give the bucket a used look and provide the "blood".
Here's a closeup of the top of the workbench.

I created some tiny books using a collage sheet by Teri Calia and following her instructions.
The mortar is a plastic bowl I painted to look like stone; I whittled the pestle out of a piece of dowel.  Some bottles are labelled and ready to be filled,

Here are all the parts of the building and its objects.

The coffin lid comes off to store the accessories. The doors on the bottom of the cabinet come off to store the top shelf items.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my version of the Ghoul & Sons Chemists.  Hop on over to Laura's blog (ArtfullyMusing.blogspot.com) and get the details for this and all the other parts of the Haunted Village and join in the creative fun!  And while you're there, make sure to leave Laura kudos for this fantastic project!

Thanks for visiting, and until then - happy crafting, and of course, Happy Halloween!!

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