October 27, 2015

The Thrifty Witch - A Project from the Artfully Musing 2015 Halloween Event

Hi everyone!

I'm continuing making buildings from the Artfully Musing 2015 Halloween Event.  Every time I finish one it's my new favorite - LOL!

It is so much fun to make these buildings.  Laura Carson has done a fantastic job of creating video tutorials, photos, collage sheets and PDF's with specifics on all the materials she used.  It really makes it easy to re-create any of the buildings or accessories, or use them as a jumping off point for another project.

This building is the Thrifty Witch (see Laura's version here- although the inside is more like the Laura's Black Cat Emporium.

On the main part of the building there is a bow window that actually bows out a little bit.  I used Laura's instruction to do that, and also to create the conical roof piece.

A creepy bat flies over the doors. And if you dare, you can purchase one of the pumpkin pets - "Guaranteed to Bite". A sign advertising palm readings hangs on the fence.

To the left is another section of the building.  This piece is about an inch thick - you can barely see some bottles that are on the inside window bench.

A couple of pumpkins from a digital collage sheet add some color.

The moon lamp post slips over the fence and lights the way.

Flying proudly above the shop is a witch - I don't know if it' a "good" witch or a "bad" witch.

Some of the chipboard filigree decorates the roof top.

And then of course the shop needs to display it's sign boldly and proudly for all to see.

Here's the inside of the building.

The inside more closely resembles the Black Cat Emporium (see Laura's version here).

The main feature is the cabinet.  It's a little over an inch deep and about 6 inches tall.

On the shelves I used a mixture of digital images and 3D items.

The red eye and the blue bottle are 3D.  The glass dome with the doll's head is 3D, but the doll's head is a digital image.  On the top of the cabinet, it's a little hard to see, but there is an actual crystal ball.

All other items are digital images,

Here is the inside of the little building addition.

Now you can better see the potion bottles on the window bench,

There's also a sale going on - flying brooms!  The broom stand is a wood candlestick.

Here are all the pieces and parts that make up the building and its accessories.

The side wall for the little building addition attaches with magnets.  The fence to the right of the entrance comes out (it slides in behind the doorway).
The witch and the lamp post slide on and most of the accessories can be disassembled as well.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my version of The Thrifty Witch.  Hop on over to Laura's blog (ArtfullyMusing.blogspot.com) and get the details for this and all the other parts of the Haunted Village and join in the creative fun!  And while you're there, make sure to leave Laura kudos for this fantastic project!

I'll be back in a few days when I finish the next building... Ghoul & Sons Chemists,

Thanks for visiting, and until then - happy crafting, and of course, Happy Halloween!!

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Theresa said...

love your building. it is such fun to see all the different ways the same building can be put together. thanks as always for sharing.