October 31, 2015

Haunted Village Finale - One More Building, Some People and a Video

Hello everyone!  Happy Halloween!!

Well, I just couldn't stop - I had to make one last thing for the Haunted Village - the Village Tower,

If you've been following my blog this past week or so you've seen all the buildings I've made based on Laura Carson's (Artfully Musing) 2015 Halloween Event. The badge for the event is over in the right side column- check out all the creative goodness!

I have had so much fun making all these pieces to this amazing project.  Here is the final piece - the Village Tower.

The tower and its roof come apart and fold flat for storage.

You can also see a few of the villagers (I keep wanting to call them the "Village People"- LOL) gathered around for a chat.

And here are some of the additional folks - all from a digital collage sheet.

I have a 3/8" wooden cube glued to the back - as long as there's no breeze they stand up pretty well.

For each of the projects I showed you a photo with all the individual parts and pieces that joined together to create the building.  Now here is a video that shows how all those pieces go together and how they can come apart to be stored in one container when the season is over.

If you missed the posts for the individual buildings I made, here are the links:
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    •  Ghoul & Sons Chemists 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my version of the Haunted Village.  Hop on over to Laura's blog (ArtfullyMusing.blogspot.com) and get the details for all the parts of the Haunted Village and learn how to make a village of your own.  And while you're there, make sure to leave Laura kudos for this fantastic project!

Thanks for visiting, happy crafting, and of course, Happy Halloween!!


LindaFS said...

Such an eclectic bunch of "villagers" - cool plaid hat on the bicylist and the footwear on everybody is great! A totally awesome collection of buildings and characters altogether.

smokeysmom said...

Just went through all of your Haunted Village postings and your video...amazing! Truly ingenious how you used magnets and small dowel pieces so your pieces collasp for storage. You did a fabulous job on these pieces. You win in my book:) I am now following your blog by email:)