February 11, 2013

Distress Ink Applicators

I know, I know... just what we all need...one more post about homemade Distress Ink applicators.  But here it is anyway.

For a long time I have "made do" with a handful of "official" applicators and switched out the colored ink pads each time I wanted to use a different color.  This just wasn't working for me because when I want to use some Distress, I want to use it immediately and not fool around with the old switcheroo.  Neither did I want to spend my craft budget on applicators - you can see that there are several colors missing from my collection and that's where I wanted to spend my money.

So I looked at a lot of images on the net and some videos and finally decided on a very simple alternative- a block of wood.  I wanted something that would be easy to hold onto and approximately the size of the foam pads.  I purchased some 1 1/4" wood blocks from Hobby Lobby (see picture) but I'm sure they are available lots of places.  The only thing I did to them was use my craft knife and some sandpaper to round over the side edges a little to make them more comfortable.  I added some sticky Velcro and was in business. 

It's hard to see in the picture but they're all in a black chipboard box simply made at 10" x 10" inside x 1" tall.  That size allows a little wiggle room to easily get them out.  I lined the box with patty paper to keep ink from getting all over.

Total cost about 65 cents each (I already had the foam pads).  Bonus - don't they look cool with all the colors organized in the box?  (And P.S. - the missing colors should be here by next week!)

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