February 14, 2013

Valentine for Sarah

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Today I made this card for my niece.  It's really a tag that fits inside a bag but I think it qualifies as a card.

I started out by using  the wrinkle free distress technique on a piece of paper large enough to fit Tim Holtz' "In the Bag" die. I originally used a piece of glossy paper but I wasn't sure if the ink was drying properly so I switched to regular cardstock (I found out later that had I been patient, the ink would have thoroughly dried.  I'm going to use that glossy paper for another project because it is really pretty, but I digress.)
I punched some holes and set some eyelets and added ribbon for the handles.  I added a silver heart charm and a little paper heart for the "TO" Tag.  (Lesson Learned:  punch the holes for the eyelets before putting the bag together - if you punch them with a Crop-o-Dile after it's already together, you risk making a big hole on the back side while you're concentrating on making a small hole in the front - ask me how I know.  Or use a regular hole punch.)  The lining of the bag is some pink tissue paper on which I used another TH die, the On the Edge "Distressed Doily" just to jazz it up a little.

And now on to the tag.
I knew I wanted to have as many places for tags as possible because that's Sarah's thing...tags inside of tags inside of tags.  I kept it simple with plain cardstock and just varied the colors.  I cut out three identical tags for the front, middle and back.  In between the front and middle I added paper hinges to make channels for two tags.  The back is attached only at the top and a magnet holds it together.  There are pockets on all three tag pieces as well. I'm counting 7 tags all together, but one is stationary, so maybe it's just six.

Here's a closer look (unfortunately the webcam is a little out of focus, but I think you can still see it ok)...

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