February 4, 2013

Say Cheese...

I spent this weekend working on this Vintage Camera, based on a tutorial by Kathy Files (Paper Phenomenon), and put the finishing touches on it this evening.  It's all painted chipboard and paper, with a few Graphic 45 and Tim Holtz hardware pieces.
If you've never tried one of Kathy's tutorials, I strongly suggest you do so.  The instructions are awesome!  They are incredibly detailed and full of pictures and tips.  You can see them all here, including the Vintage Camera.  I followed the tutorial with just a few minor alterations.

I didn't have the metal binding strip Kathy used on the top of the lens so I substituted a Tim Holtz Word Band.  I used the one that says "Capture Life's Moments" which I thought fit perfectly with the camera theme.  I slowly bent it using some vise grips until it followed the curve of the lens. It was hard to decide what to put inside the lens.  I finally decided on the butterfly but there was alittle too much white space so I added the word "create" (Tim Holtz Chitchat sticker).

I cut a thin chipboard ring to outline the mirror.  I used the ek success Circle Scissors Pro to first cut the inside circle and then the outside circle.  Go slowly and it will work even on chipboard.

I wanted the hardware to be a more silver or aluminum color so I used Baroque Arts Gilders Paste (Silver) on any of the metal pieces that were originally brass or bronze.

I love how the back closure uses a D ring that fits over one of Tim Holtz' Hitch Posts (and now that they're going to be re-released I didn't mind using up one from the small stash I had been hoarding).  The strap is a piece of Tyvek painted black.

The handle is a lunchbox handle that could be purchased from Kathy's trinket shop.  I followed her instructions and used some black painted chipboard to decorate the handle, with the added bonus of camouflaging the main plastic piece.  You can actually use the handle to pick up the piece (although once the mini album gets inside it may become too heavy to safely do so).

The mini album that goes inside is still under construction but I just couldn't wait to share the camera with you.

And now for a tour around the project...

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JustMyThoughts said...

This is stunning! Looks like a real camera. Love it!