February 18, 2013

Mini Album for Vintage Camera

Today I finished the mini album that fits in the back of the Vintage Camera.  You may remember the camera from a post earlier this month.  Now the album that goes inside is done.

I'm not much of a picture taker so I usually find some quotes or interesting items to go in an album.  This time I followed a theme of "create", based on the word tag that accompanied the butterfly on the lens of the camera.

I didn't deviate too much from the instructions in the Paper Phenomenon Vintage Camera tutorial.  The only changes I made were to the cover.  I used book cloth instead of paper on the covers and I attached the front cover decoration to the outside instead of cutting a window in the cover. (Want to know how to make book cloth?  Go to the "In the Workroom" page and look for "Book Cloth" listed under "Techniques".)

I used many of my favorite quotes and then searched a variety of websites to come up with more.  There are 18 quotes, six definitions and six affirmations altogether.  I used a variety of printing techniques to create the tags, including printing on small pieces of decorative paper for the dictionary tags.  You can see a video of how I used Microsoft Word to create these tags in the Techniques section on the new "In the Workroom" page.

I'm not too sure about the color choices.  I think they go well with the camera, but are a little staid for a theme like "create".  The only lively pieces are the affirmation tags which are in definite contrast to the structured look of all the other elements.  The book fits perfectly inside the back of the camera as designed.

I'm very happy with the project, especially the camera.  But especially since we're still deep in the throws of winter I think my next project needs to have some color and brightness.

Here's a flip through the book with a look at all the quotations...


JustMyThoughts said...

What? No... "there is no try only do" quote from yoda?? :-)

JustMyThoughts said...

Simply amazing!